Our oldest child went to Montgomery Nursery School and we were thrilled with the teachers, the curriculum, and the community at the school. She thrived in preschool and is now doing great in kindergarten as well. We decided to send our younger child to Montgomery Nursery School as well and he loves it!


When we moved to the area and started our search for preschools, we wanted a school that made our children feel special, nurtured and loved while also preparing them for kindergarten. From the moment we stepped through the doors of Montgomery Nursery School, we knew our search was over and that this school filled all of our needs and more. Three children and a total of eight school years later and we could not be happier. This is a special place with special people making really special things happen for our littlest ones. 

Montgomery Nursery School is a place that will forever be near and dear to our hearts. While there are many quality pre schools in this area to choose from, it is the combination of warmth and experience of the staff that make this school so special. Some of our fondest memories with our three children were made here and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a school that is deeply enriched in values. The kind of values your child will carry with them for a lifetime.


The staff and teachers at MNS created a welcoming and caring community for my preschooler to be able to explore and learn. My son loved school because of the friends he made, the fun of learning in his classroom, and the loving extended family he gained at MNS.