Montgomery Nursery School is proud to use the PATHS program as our social-emotional learning curriculum.  The PATHS program is evidence based and proven effective.

Each week, Dr. Andy Sweeney of Basset Psychological Services and his puppet friends, Twiggle and Henrietta, come to all classrooms ages 3+ to teach lessons to the children.  Lessons included topics on emotional identification (like happy, sad, mad, frustrated, excited, nervous, and jealous), lessons on how to be a good friend, and ways to cope with and express uncomfortable emotions. Each classroom will receive a 15-20-minute lesson each week to discuss these important topics.

Positive Aspects of the PATHS program:

  • Grounded in science of children’s brain development
  • Developed and refined through nearly 30 years of research
  • Has been included or cited in over 40 published studies and texts
  • Received the highest possible rating from Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development (Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence, University of Colorado)
  • Aligned with the Ohio Early Learning Standards for social and emotional learning
  • Correlate to Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and American School Counselor Association Standards

Science is our attempt to understand the things that we see and make sense of the world around us.  This natural curiosity is often beginning during the pre-school years.  Mrs. Henderson, our resident Science teacher, will be reinforcing the children’s inherent curiosity through her science demonstrations and experiments.

Beginning in October, children will have Science twice a month.  Mrs. Henderson will come into the classrooms, teach a lesson by doing an experiment or demonstration, and will provide materials to stay in the classroom Science center until she returns.  Science will occur the second and fourth Tuesday of each month (and on the second and fourth Wednesdays for some of our 3 year-olds!)

Her hands-on lessons will guide students as they make their first observations and begin to develop higher-level thinking.  Children will be exposed to the Scientific method.  Through exploration and discussion, our preschoolers will learn that science is a part of our everyday lives! Children will explore concepts such as germs, magnets, light and sound, habitats, cycles, and the human body. Children will also be able to practice their observation skills in our new garden on the playground!

Montgomery Nursery School offers a fitness program for children ages 3-5.  This program is a long-standing tradition and will be making its twenty-third appearance at our school this year! Fitness Buddies is an organized gym class that will work on age-appropriate fitness skills.  Classes will be held twice a month, on the first and third Tuesdays, September-May for our 4 and 5-year-old students, and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (depending on class schedule) December-May for our 3-year-old students. Ms. Carly is our Fitness Buddies Instructor!

The primary focus of Fitness Buddies is to emphasize the importance of making exercise a fun part of children’s daily lives.  Over the past 20 years, Montgomery Nursery School has accumulated a great deal of equipment to make Fitness Buddies a fun and special experience. The children will work on many skills including running, balancing, moving to music, relay races, ball skills, and gross-motor development.  Fitness Buddies also provides an excellent opportunity to work on listening, following directions, taking turns, and being a team player.  This class quickly becomes something that the children look forward to each month!

On Fitness Buddies days, please have your children dress in lose-fitting clothing and appropriate shoes. Flip-flops, Crocs, Boots, and shoes with heels do not lend themselves to a successful fitness-buddies class.  It is our hope that your children enjoy the Fitness Buddies class and can demonstrate some of the skills they learn at home, while learning that exercise is both important and FUN.

Owl Enrichment

We will be offering three different classes for Owl Enrichment this year.  Enrichment classes will happen on during the extended day on Friday afternoons.



Karin Feldkamp is our music teacher who provides classes twice a month to our Owls!  She is a lifetime resident of Cincinnati, church member at Church of the Saviour, and has also led children’s choirs for the church.  Karin received her degree in Psychology with an emphasis on child development from the University of Kentucky. For the last twelve years, she has been teaching music education to children ages six months to six years. Karin is committed to developing a strong musical foundation for your child while sparking their love for music and preparing them for a future of success!


Our new Fitness Buddies instructor, Ms. Carly, will be providing a yoga class for the Owls.  Carly is a certified Mirador Kids Yoga & Creativity Coach, and is excited to share all she knows with our Owls! The class will be approximately 25 minutes long.  Children will have lots of fun doing kid-friendly poses, learning breathing techniques that can help us feel calm or energized, and having some quiet time on their mats!



Erin Sprang, our director, will be providing Art enrichment to the Owls one time per month.  Erin has her Master’s Degree in Reading and has studied strategies for K-12 readers, so she will be providing a reading enrichment activity through art with the children. During that time, the children will hear a story and complete an art project related to it to help deepen their understanding of that story. It will combine two of her passions—literature and creativity!